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Instituti për Kërkim dhe Zhvillim Barleti (BIRD) është një institucion kërkimor-shkencor i cili synon të shndërrohet në një qendër të ekselencës për kërkimet ndërdisiplinore në fushat që lidhen me proceset e ekonomisë, mjedisit, inovacionit dhe energjisë.
  1. Strategjia Kombetare e Biodiversitetit
  2. Vjosa: Vizioni jone per nje mjedis te paster : The main objective of this project is to promote environmental awareness among the inhabitants of the area of the River Vjosa valley and carrying out activities for cleaning and rehabilitation of several segments along the Vjosa River shore to protect its fragility and the rare values of biodiversity and landscape that this stream represents.
  3. Adventure in Via Dinarica
  1. Art, Plastic and Recycling
  2. RËHUB : The main goal of RËHUB is to increase energy efficiency of the public buildings inside the Programme area, through a network of hubs, enabling the training of building managers on energy-efficiency measures. In addition, the project aims to guarantë suitable and effective communication to consumers and awareness raising at all levels of society. The idea is to create public venues where all the stakeholders involved can find tangible examples on how citizens can contribute to a sustainable growth, aligned to circular economy principles. The ambitious results is to shift from old buildings to low-energy or zero-energy buildings.
  1. Albanian Open Innovation
  2. Capacity Building and Certification for Tourism Educators in “Marin Barleti University
  3. Edukimi Ligjor ne ndihme te studenteve
  4. Entrepreneurial Innovation
  5. Innovation HUB: This project aims to promote and support social inclusion and sustainable employment programs for young people by increasing their active involvement in entrepreneurship in ICT, creative, innovative and competitive activity through capacity building, partnership development and entrepreneurship growth, at the start up level and SMEs.
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