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REEHUB – Regional Energy Efficiency HUB

Did you know that half of the electricity in the world is consumed by buildings ?How much energy could we save through more efficient buildings?

The Interreg IPA CBC project REEHUB wants to increase energy efficiency in public buildings of the cross-border-area between hubs, where building managers are trained on energy-efficiency measures. REEHUB aims to give a strategic contribution in improving energy efficiency through innovative techniques and best practices, creating regional Hubs, connected as a network, located in public buildings in each region, where capacity building actions will take place.  It aims to guarantee a suitable and effective communication to consumers and a real awareness-raising at all society levels.

The Project objectives are:
• To create a network of Hubs, in each regions involved, where will be organized capacity building actions and training materials for energy efficiency audit in the building sector.
• To implement a methodology of audit, according to EU standard, fitted to building renovation that pave the way for new solutions for passive houses in Mediterranean climes.
• To shift from old buildings to low-energy or zero-energy buildings, and to do it best practices report and technical workshop for public administration.

The expected results are:
• The transnational network of HUBs will create an “agora” where plans for EE can be implemented, sharing with local community and discussed at technical level.
• Best practises will be available to demonstrate the advantages of the audit methodology proposed and how it fits to EU rules.

The kick-off meeting of the project was held on May 4-th at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in Tirana (AL) with all involved partners.

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